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Digitox How To Find A Healthy Balance For Your Family’s Digital Diet

 Autor: Mark Ellis  Herausgeber: CultureTransform Limited  Erscheinungsjahr: 2017  ISBN: 978-1999709808  Seiten: 178  Sprache: Englisch  Zum Buch

Digitox is the story behind one family’s decision to create ‘‘Tech free Sunday’s’’. A day where there is no Internet usage – by choice. Meaning no email, social networking, texting or You Tube. Not even checking the weather forecast. The book covers their experiences over a three-year period and highlights the challenges; benefits and the pitfalls that they feel could have been avoided…

• A realistic, non-judgmental and balanced view of how to reduce technology consumption based on three years of practical experience and research.

• Includes a step by step guide to breaking the addiction.

• Follows the dieting approach of ‘‘eat less, do more.’’

• Highlights how to manage you and your children’s digital life including how to set up key parental controls and understanding your broadband router.

Mark and his wife Caroline have four children Ben (17), Gabriel (15), Jessica (13) and Noah (7) with Mark being a self confessed Tech Addict. A few years ago they realized that technology was impeding their family life – arguments were breaking out over which TV show to watch, the Wii caused more fights than they care to remember, Mark looking at his phone during a meal while Caroline watched a show on the kitchen iMac. Sound familiar?

The solution – it simply started as a day of banning the Internet, which turned into a family mission to take a step back from the digital age for one day a week.

This is not a book about the evils of technology, but it will teach you how to successfully diet your consumption of the Internet and make yourself and your family happier, healthier, safer and smarter.

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende

Mark was given his first computer (a BBC Micro) aged 10, played a few basic games, and started programming it shortly afterwards in an attempt to create better ones. After graduating with a first class honours degree in Business Studies & Technology he joined Dun & Bradstreet and has spent over two decades in the IT software industry, working all over the world and accumulating nearly two million air miles. He now spends time helping large innovative corporations get the best from their people as a leadership & culture consultant, and shares his experiences at Oxford Brookes University as an associate lecturer. He has been married to his beautiful Wife Caroline for twenty years, and together they have four children and a dog called Shelby. Everyone in the family (including the dog) is blond except him, which is slightly confusing and also quite sad, as he ruins the aesthetic of every group photograph. His best friend is a sarcastic Welshman whose proudest achievement is the creation of a gourmet recipe for ‘cheese on plate’. Don’t ask. Just don’t.