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Trapped In The Web: How I Liberated Myself From Internet Addiction And How You Can Too

 Autor: A.N. Turner und Ben Beard  Herausgeber: Phenarion II  Erscheinungsjahr: 2018  ISBN: 978-1732182196  Seiten: 202  Sprache: Englisch  Zum Buch

Young adults (and plenty of not-so-young adults) are addicted to the Internet. No surprise there. It’s easy for parents and teachers, politicians and pundits to brush off Internet addiction as a harmless, inevitable consequence of the digital age, a small price to pay for carrying the information super-highway around in our pockets. But what if I told you that young adults (and plenty of not-so-young adults) are stuck in a feedback loop of digital sexual stimulation, addicted not just to the Internet but to pornography and social media? And what if I told you that the consequences of these addictions may be quite dire—ranging from depression, anxiety and ADHD to sexual dysfunction and violence? And what if I told you that, as far as social media companies and pornography producers and anyone who advertises on the Internet is concerned, the feedback loop is exactly where we belong? This book pulls readers out of the matrix. Part manifesto, part autobiography, part self-help roadmap, Trapped In The Web is a concise, essential guide to porn and social media addiction written for young adults and anyone else suffering at the hands of the Internet.

Über den Autor und weitere Mitwirkende
A.N. Turner uses his extensive academic and professional knowledge to help people understand and improve their relationship with the Internet. At the University of Pennsylvania he researched the societal impact of technology, where he was motivated to uncover the truth of internet addiction, particularly in young adults. His experience working at a marketing partner of Facebook, and allows him to understand the manipulative tactics of online super powers, or rather super villains.